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Bulky PST Split Tool

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Formation of Bulky PST Files and Their Aftereffects: Continuous use of Outlook email application » leads to » huge influx and outflow of emails and accumulation of other mailbox items which » leads to » large PST file size which » leads to » lower Outlook speed and performance, and fear of application corruption due to exceeded storage limit (which is 2GB in ANSI PST).

Bulky PST Split Process and Its Benefits: If you use any top quality bulky PST split tool to perform bulky PST split process then it » leads to » breaking of bulky PST file into several smaller sized PST files which » leads to » reduced PST files size which » leads to » faster Outlook speed and performance, and prevents Outlook from getting corrupted as PST file is stopped to reach the maximum storage limit.

DEMO - FREE Route towards Software Demonstration!

Here we offer you a great facility, easy and efficient PCVITA Split Magic software, which is a third-party bulky PST splitter to get the product in sight before you actually buy it. Get the FREE sight of the productís functional version that you can use to evaluate its efficiency. Have you ever experienced such a transparent purchase process? Well! Here you get this! FREE product demo version of PCVITA Split Magic software, which you can use to split 50 items per Outlook folder file. Though Demo allows only restricted splitting, but it is a great way to acquaint with the tool.

Full Version - Inexpensive Route towards Bulky PST Split Process: Here is an economical and cost-effective route to bulky PST split files without much effect on your pocket. It is to use PCVITA Split Magic software in its full working mode that executes the process in a fully functional manner. Enjoy unrestricted PST splitting process with full version to split any number of bulky PST files at $49 only.

Features - Route towards Product Advantages:

  • Split bulky PST of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010
  • Bulky PST split software will split file by date, year, and size
  • Bulky PST splitter that splits bulky PST archive file, distribution list etc
  • Split bulky items like tasks, calendars, etc using this bulky PST split tool
  • Metadata contents or email properties (to, bcc etc) are retained